China Power Construction Group Wuhan Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuhan power equipment factory) is now subordinate to China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is an internationally leading professional enterprise in the development and system integration of core equipment for large-scale material handling, transportation and storage, a well-known domestic intelligent garage and storage enterprise, a well-known steel structure engineering enterprise of the group, and a backbone research and development unit of key high-end equipment for the group's infrastructure and comprehensive treatment of water environment, National high-tech enterprise and the best civilized unit in Hubei Province.


Publicity film of intelligent three-dimensional garage of Wuhan power equipment factory

Wuhan power equipment factory (wpew), formerly known as Wuhan train power station base...

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Relocation platform

Function: It is used to horizontally move the unloaded vehicle to the unloaded line in the turnback arrangement dumper system. Structure: The transfer platform is composed of vehicle body, traveling mechanism, driving device, wheel expander, buffer, latch device, hydraulic system, etc. Features: The driving mode of the traveling mechanism adopts the pin gear transmission mode. It is suitable for different operating environments, matching with wheel expander, and fixing the vehicle in the movement of the transfer platform. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted to ensure accurate rail alignment at low speed. The latch device prevents the side lateral force from moving the transfer table when the empty car is pushed out. It can also be divided into single vehicle transfer platform, double vehicle transfer platform and three vehicle transfer platform according to the number of vehicles transported. Main parameters (single vehicle transfer platform) 1. Drive type pin gear drive 2. Traveling drive power 15KW (synchronous shaft drive) 3. Rated relocation weight 30t 4. Traveling speed 0~0.6m/s 5. Traveling track gauge 13000mm Main parameters (double car transfer platform) 1. Drive type pin gear drive 2. Traveling drive power 30KW (synchronous shaft drive) 3. Rated relocation weight 60t 4. Traveling speed 0~0.6m/s 5. Traveling gauge 8500 mm/9000 mm/8500mm Main parameters (three car transfer platform) 1. Drive type pin gear drive 2. Traveling drive power 37KW (synchronous shaft drive) 3. Rated relocation weight 75t 4. Traveling speed 0~0.6m/s 5. Traveling gauge 8500 mm/9000 mm/8500 mm

Chain bucket ship unloader

The catenary chain bucket ship unloader is an internationally advanced port machinery developed and designed to meet the needs of unloading bulk materials in thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, coking plants, large ports, etc. Compared with grab bucket ship unloader, catenary chain bucket ship unloader has the characteristics of high efficiency, low investment, low energy consumption, small maintenance, small warehouse clearing workload, good environmental protection and simple operation. Under the condition that the ship type is suitable, the bulk unloading equipment in the form of grab has outstanding advantages. The catenary bucket type ship unloader is mainly composed of column, cantilever beam, chain bucket mechanism, traverse trolley, ship moving system (traveling system), lifting mechanism, receiving belt conveyor, counterweight system, ladder platform, lubrication system and electrical control system. main parameter  Ship unloading mode: fixed ship moving or fixed ship moving Rated generation rate: 200 ~ 1250t/h Receiving and unloading various bulk materials 500t~12000t deck barge 500t~5000t trough barge Speed regulation mode Frequency conversion speed regulation Floating catenary bucket ship unloader The complete machine is installed on the pump ship, which has greater mobility and is suitable for ports with large water level drop. Generally, suspended chain bucket is used for unloading. Shore wall type catenary bucket ship unloader The whole machine is fixed on the wharf. The fixed chain bucket ship unloader adopts the operation mode of "fixed ship moving" or "fixed ship moving", which is applicable to ports with large water level difference changes.

Tower and power grid products

Serialnumber   Productmodel   Company   quantity   Voltagelevel   Projectname   one   Tangenttower,tensiontower   ton   tenpointonesixtwo   110KV   110kVYingtanlinereconstructionproject   two   Tangenttower,tensiontower   ton   thirty-onepointninefourseven   110KV   110kVGanxiXinjiepowertransmissionandtransformationproject   three   Straintower   ton   threehundredandsixty-eightpointzeronine   110KV   110kVOceaniatractionstationaccesslineproject   four   Straintower   ton   twohundredandeighty-ninepointsixthreenine   110KV   110kVZhangxiangtractionstationaccesslineproject   five   Straintower   ton   fivehundredandeightpointtwotwoseven   110KV   110kVXiaotangpowertransmissionandtransformationproject   six   Tangenttower   ton   fourhundredandsevenpointthreefive   110KV   Boshan110kVSubstation   seven   Tangenttower,tensiontower   ton   onehundredandforty-fivepointeightfive   110KV   110kVYangqiaopowertransmissionandtransformationprojectinYiyang,Shangrao   eight   Straintower   ton   twelvepointfourseven   110KV   Diaoyutaiexpansion   nine   Tangenttower,tensiontower   ton   thirty-two   110kV 35kV   Relocationandreconstructionprojectof35kVlines(110kVYuangangline,35kVQiuhonglineand35kVXiangjiangline)ofBeijingFuzhoupassengerdedicatedline(JiangxiSection)   ten   Straintower   ton   fifteenpointfiveninezeroseven   35KV   Relocationandreconstructionprojectof35kVline(HaishanlineandZhaoshanline)ofBeijingFuzhoupassengerdedicatedline(JiangxiSection)   eleven   Tangenttower   ton   twohundredandseventy-fivepointseventwotwo   220KV   HangzhouChangshapassengerdedicatedline(JiangxiSection)500kVand220kV(WenzhouShenzhenhighspeedrailwayI-II)   twelve   Tensiontower,cornertower   ton   forty-sevenpointfivesixthreethree   35KV   PowerlinerelocationprojectofHangzhouChangshapassengerdedicatedline(35kVlinerelocation)   thirteen   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   fifty-ninepointseven   110KV   PowerlinerelocationprojectofHangzhouChangshapassengerdedicatedline(relocationof110kVline)   fourteen   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   twohundredandsixty   220KV   RelocationandreconstructionprojectofloopIandIIof220kVlineofXicunelectricrailway   fifteen   Tangenttower   ton   twohundredandthirty-threepointfourfivefour   110KV   RelocationofpowerlinesofHangzhouNanjingChangshaRailwayPassengerDedicatedLine   sixteen   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   onehundredandfourteenpointsixfivesixone   110KV   RelocationprojectofHangzhouChangshapassengerdedicatedline(Yuefengline)   seventeen   Cornertowerandtangenttower   ton   onehundredandeighteen   110KV   ShanghaiGermanyhighspeedpowerlinerelocationproject   eighteen   Cornertowerandtangenttower   ton   onehundredandnineteenpointfoureighttwo   110KV   HefeiFuzhouhighspeedrailwaypowerlinerelocationproject   nineteen   Cornertowerandtangenttower   ton   forty-sixpointtwo   110KV   New110kVlineconstructionprojectofXiaqianeastlineofHangzhouChangshapassengerdedicatedline   twenty   Tangenttower   ton   forty-fivepointonefivefive   500KV   500kVXiaoshilinei-circuitreconstructionproject   twenty-one   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   fivehundredandeighty-fourpointeightone   500kV   Salescontractforsupporting500kVtransmissionequipmentofXinmiPowerPlantPhaseII2*1000MWunitproject   twenty-two   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   thirteenpointthreeonenine   110kV   110kVShangXuline#19-#20crossingHangnanChanghighspeedrailwayreroutingproject   twenty-three   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   twenty-fourpointfoursix   35kV   Xinzheng35kVGuolinlinereconstructionproject   twenty-four   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   twopointeightnineeight   110kV   ZhengzhouXinzheng110kVXinglongSubstationPhaseIIexpansionproject   twenty-five   Tensiontower,tangenttower   ton   fourpointnineonenine

Power plant, substation and industrial and mining lighting fixtures

Features of mining lamp: 1. All light sources and electrical appliances are optimized and designed with reliable performance, and the brightness is about 20% higher than that of similar products; 2. The transparent parts are optimally designed, with soft light, uniform illumination, no glare and ghosting, which can effectively avoid visual fatigue of operators; 3. High strength aluminum alloy shell is selected for special sealing and surface coating treatment, which can be used for a long time in high temperature, humidity and various corrosive environments; 4. A variety of installation methods, such as seat type, ceiling type and ceiling type, are suitable for the lighting needs of different workplaces.  Special explosion-proof lamp features: 1. It has high luminous efficiency, improves the on-site illumination, meets the needs of operation inspection and maintenance, meets the requirements of safety production, and solves the potential safety hazards caused by insufficient lighting brightness; 2. According to the characteristics of long-term lighting and high requirements for lighting, the existing ordinary lamps are replaced by high-quality lamps with long service life, stable performance and good heat dissipation; 3. The lamp has good sealing performance, and the protection grade is required to reach IP65 and the anti-corrosion grade is WF2 (available in outdoor strong corrosive environment). The integrated multiple anti vibration structure design is adopted for the lamps to ensure long-term trouble free operation in the high-frequency and multi frequency vibration environment such as the boiler.