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Wang Bin had a discussion with Feng Shuchen, deputy general manager of national energy group
Nepalese Prime Minister Deuba spoke highly of the progress and quality of Tana Lake Hydropower Station
Wang Bin attended the Symposium on the healthy development of the company


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High efficiency optical lamp series street lamps

High efficiency optical lamp series street lamps

Purpose:roadlightingofmainandsecondarytrunkroadssuchasnationalroads,provincialroads,countyroadsandurbanstreets.   Performanceandparameters(150W):   Lamptype:directtype   Lampefficiency:>87%;   Uplightfluxratio:0;   Downwardluminousfluxratio:>92%;   Protectiongrade:IP65;   Lightefficiency:110~120lm/W;   Colorrenderingindex:90~95;   Servicelife:>20000hours   Lightattenuation:<20%(12000hours)   Colortemperature:2800k~5500k   Luminousflux:12000-13000lm
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Purpose: road lighting of main and secondary trunk roads such as national roads, provincial roads, county roads and urban streets.
Performance and parameters (150W):
Lamp type: direct type
Lamp efficiency: > 87%;
Up light flux ratio: 0;
Downward luminous flux ratio: > 92%;
Protection grade: IP65;
Light efficiency: 110 ~ 120lm / W;
Color rendering index: 90 ~ 95;
Service life: > 20000 hours
Light attenuation: < 20% (12000 hours)
Color temperature: 2800k ~ 5500k
Luminous flux: 12000-13000lm


O-type rotor type
O-type rotor type 查看详情
"O" type end plate, frame link, towing roller support, hydraulic pressing, platform moving and car leaning are adopted. There is a car pusher on the platform, which can push the empty car after dumping out of the car dumper. The structure is simple, the overall rigidity is good, and the driving power is larger than that of the C-shaped rotor type. The three car and four car dumpers of the vehicles that cannot be split for dumping also adopt the O type rotor type. The car dumper can be divided into conventional "O" type rotor type car dumper and improved "O" type rotor type car dumper according to its structural characteristics. Conventional "O" type rotor dumper The "O" type end plate is adopted, and the frame is connected. The structure is simple, the overall rigidity is good, the driving power is large, the steel wire rope is used to press the car, the platform is moved to lean against the car, and the platform is installed with a cart pusher, which can exit the empty car from the dumper after dumping. It is suitable for heavy truck iron bull system equipped with wire rope traction or long forearm heavy truck shunting machine system. Performance parameters: 1. Type: fixed rotor type 2. Maximum load: 100t 3. Rotor rotation angle: 170 °, 4. Rotating speed of rotor: 1.185r/min 5. Diameter of roller circle: φ 8140mm 6. Applicable vehicle weight (load): 30~60t 7. Height (from rail surface to upper chord beam of vehicle wall): 1600~3500mm 8. Maximum travel of fixture: 1995mm 9. Driving power (FC=40%): N=2x75kw 10. Speed ratio of reducer i=31.5 Improved "O" type rotor type dumper Take full advantage of the good rigidity of the "O" type tippler end plate as a whole, and improve it in combination with the "C" type tippler. The improved type adopts "O" type end plate, fixed platform, hydraulic pressing and hydraulic car leaning, with reduced driving power, stable pressing and car leaning, safe and reliable. The original "O" type car dumper can also be transformed into a fixed platform, box girder connection and hydraulic car leaning. The reconstruction project is small and the construction is simple. Performance parameters: 1. Type: fixed rotor type 2. Maximum load: 100t 3. Rotor rotation angle: 170 °, maximum angle 175 ° 4. Rotating speed of rotor: The motor rotates at high speed (1.226r. p.m); At low speed (0.306r. p.m.) 5. Clamp type: hydraulic (cylinder model: GGK1-100/56X1000) 6. Driving power (FC=40%): N=2x60kw
Type C rotor type
Type C rotor type 查看详情
The "C" type end plate and box section structure are used to make up for the shortcomings of the "C" type structure by taking advantage of its bending and torsion resistance. It is connected by box beam, fixed platform, hydraulic press, hydraulic backup, and the hydraulic system effectively releases the spring energy of the vehicle, eliminating the damage to the vehicle. It is simple in structure, light in weight, and low in driving power. It is applicable to a wide range of dump vehicles. It is equipped with a heavy vehicle shunting machine. The system hydraulic station can be of two types: machine mounted and ground mounted. Dumpers can be divided into single car dumpers, double car dumpers, three car dumpers and four car dumpers according to the number of dumpers (mainly introducing Type C). L Single car dumper Type C single car dumper is based on the fact that the dumper is a conventional single car dumper with single section splitting and a dual-use single car dumper with a rotating coupler for the whole train without splitting (a special C80 model with three sections of dumper coupling). Conventional C-type single turn The "C" type end plate is adopted, with light structure, fixed platform, hydraulic backup plate and hydraulic pressing, which eliminates the impact on vehicles and equipment and reduces the pressing force. According to the special control mode of the hydraulic system, the spring energy of the vehicle can be effectively released during unloading. The driving power is small. The "C" type end plate structure is suitable for the heavy car shunting system. technical parameter 1. Load capacity: rated 100t, maximum 110t 2. Dumping angle is normal 165 °, maximum 175 ° 3. 2 pairs of car beam 4. The pressing force shall not exceed 784kN/400mm 5. Number of end plates: 2 6. The ring spacing at both ends is 15m 7. End ring diameter 7.56m 8. Platform form: integral fixed type 9. Platform length 15.94m 10. Docking plate type mobile type 11. The gauge locomotive does not pass the dumper 12. Track spacing 1.505m 13. Drive power 2x45Kw Dual purpose C type single turn technical parameter 1. Load capacity rated 115t, maximum 125t 2. Dumping angle 175 ° max 3. 4 pairs of car presses 4. The pressing force shall not exceed 78.4KN/400mm 5. Number of end rings: 2 6. Ring spacing at both ends 10.8m 7. End ring diameter 8.48m 8. Platform form: fixed type (with telescopic platform at both ends) 9. The platform length includes 14m of expansion platform and 12m without expansion platform 10. Docking plate type mobile type 11. The gauge locomotive does not pass the dumper 12. Track spacing 1.505m 13. Drive power 2x63Kw L Double car dumper According to the supporting type of idler, it can be divided into two fulcrum double car dumpers and three fulcrum double car dumpers. U Three fulcrum double car dumper Three fulcrum double car dumper is composed of two C-type single car dumpers connected in series through synchronous device, four turntables and three supporting points of idler. The middle support point is supported by two groups of idlers. Three support points reduce the bearing requirements of the foundation. The four end plate structure reduces the overall dimensions, driving power and supporting facilities. Main technical parameters: 1. Maximum load capacity: - 220 t 2. Applicable model (C60~C80 wagon with overturning function) 3. Swing angle: Normal ------------ 165 ° Maximum ------------ 175 ° 4. Slewing speed: 1.14 r/min 5. Driving power: 2x90kW 6. Maximum shock force --------------- 18 KN 7. Hydraulic station motor 30 KW Two fulcrum type double car dumper Two braced structure. The trailer beam and car leaning beam are all cantilever structures, with large bearing force, large overall dimensions and large foundation scale. Something is simple in structure and strong in rigidity, which reduces the workload of installation and maintenance. Two fulcrum double car dumpers can be divided into passing locomotive and non passing locomotive. Two fulcrum type double car dumper (turn back type) Main technical parameters 1. Maximum load capacity --------------- 2x100t 2. Dumping conventional gondola car C64, C70, general C80 3. Swing angle: Normal ------------ 160 ° Maximum ----------- 180 ° 4. Flip cycle ---------------- 37s 5. Drive motor × 90 kW n=1500r/min 6. Reducer speed ratio --------------- 40 7. Pressing type: herringbone type Double car dumper passing through locomotive (layout type: through type) 1. Rated tipping weight 2 × 100t Maximum tipping weight: 2 × 110t 2. Dump conventional gondola car C64, C70, C80, passing locomotive 3. Turning cycle of car dumper ≤ 60s 4. System efficiency: 60 vehicles/hour Maximum dumping angle: 175 ° Speed regulation mode -------- frequency conversion speed regulation Driving power × 90kW, reducer speed ratio i=31.5 Turning speed of dumper ------ 1.76r/min Maximum shock force ------- 2 × 18 KN 7. Pressing type: vertical pressing Three car/four car dumper When the three car and


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