Car dumper performance

Car dumper performance

Serial number machine number user name delivery date type


1572 Puqi power plant of China Resources Power Hubei Co., Ltd. double turn in 2021


2568 Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Fuxian power plant double doubling in 2021


3566 567 double turnover of Anyang Iron and steel Zhoukou base in 2021


4565 Henan Liyuan Xinneng Technology Co., Ltd. 2021 type C


5564 Chengde Jianlong Special Steel Co., Ltd. 2021 type C


6563 Xinyu steel plant 2021 type C


7562 double turnover of ganzheneng Xinfeng power plant in 2021


Shandong Liaocheng sunshine power plant 2021


9560 double turnover of Yongcheng Coal Industry in 2020


10558 559 Guodian Shuangwei power plant double doubling in 2020