After-sale service

After-sale service

 1、 Service concept:


Fast, effective and high-quality to provide users with satisfactory service.






2、 Quality commitment


(1) Within warranty period


During the warranty period, due to product manufacturing quality problems, after receiving the notice from the demander, the supplier shall timely send personnel to the site to deal with the problems until the specified technical indicators are reached and the equipment operates normally, and bear the cost of equipment manufacturing quality problems. If the equipment is damaged due to improper storage or use by the demander, the supplier shall actively cooperate to solve the problem, and the cost shall be borne by the demander.


(2) Beyond warranty period


If the product causes mechanical failure during long-term operation and the demander cannot solve it, the supplier shall timely send personnel to the demander's site to actively cooperate to solve the problem, so that the equipment can operate normally, and all expenses shall be borne by the demander.






3、 Installation and commissioning


1. Installation guidance: in the stage of equipment installation and commissioning, send technical experts and skilled workers to the site at the time required by the demander to provide technical guidance and deal with technical problems related to manufacturing. The buyer's technicians and workers shall be trained on site.


2. Bear the relevant expenses during the equipment installation, improve the cooperative relationship with the demander, strengthen the management of the installation site and carry out safe construction. Strictly implement the equipment installation standards, strictly control the installation quality according to the process requirements and equipment installation procedures, ensure the installation accuracy and qualified equipment commissioning, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


3. According to the user's requirements, earnestly and timely provide on-site services to customers, guide the installation and commissioning work free of charge, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, ensure the installation quality in the process of installation and commissioning, complete the installation and commissioning according to the requirements of the contract period, and strive to reach the production standard.






4、 After sales service


1. Give priority to the supply of spare parts for users to ensure the needs of normal production and meet the needs of customers.


2. During the warranty period of the equipment, provide service to the product quality in accordance with the contract.