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Chain bucket ship unloader

The catenary chain bucket ship unloader is an internationally advanced port machinery developed and designed to meet the needs of unloading bulk materials in thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, coking plants, large ports, etc. Compared with grab bucket ship unloader, catenary chain bucket ship unloader has the characteristics of high efficiency, low investment, low energy consumption, small maintenance, small warehouse clearing workload, good environmental protection and simple operation. Under the condition that the ship type is suitable, the bulk unloading equipment in the form of grab has outstanding advantages. The catenary bucket type ship unloader is mainly composed of column, cantilever beam, chain bucket mechanism, traverse trolley, ship moving system (traveling system), lifting mechanism, receiving belt conveyor, counterweight system, ladder platform, lubrication system and electrical control system. main parameter  Ship unloading mode: fixed ship moving or fixed ship moving Rated generation rate: 200 ~ 1250t/h Receiving and unloading various bulk materials 500t~12000t deck barge 500t~5000t trough barge Speed regulation mode Frequency conversion speed regulation Floating catenary bucket ship unloader The complete machine is installed on the pump ship, which has greater mobility and is suitable for ports with large water level drop. Generally, suspended chain bucket is used for unloading. Shore wall type catenary bucket ship unloader The whole machine is fixed on the wharf. The fixed chain bucket ship unloader adopts the operation mode of "fixed ship moving" or "fixed ship moving", which is applicable to ports with large water level difference changes.


Bridge type grab ship unloader

Bridge grab ship unloader is a bridge crane. During operation, the grab grabs bulk cargo from the cabin and lifts it out of the cabin. The truck (grab trolley) runs towards the shore. When the grab reaches above the hopper inside the door frame, the bulk cargo is unloaded into the hopper and then delivered to the cargo yard through the belt conveyor system. Wuhan Electric Power Equipment Factory provides users with four drum traction bridge type ship unloaders of various specifications. Main features: the four drum mechanism is adopted, and the lifting, opening and closing and trolley traction mechanisms are combined into one, which is simple and ingenious; The deadweight ratio of the whole machine is light. There are four steel ropes, and the rope is very simple, with less annual consumption; Variable frequency drive is adopted for the electrical system, and the starting and braking are stable; It has the function of fault self diagnosis and low failure rate., The whole machine has advanced and perfect mechanism safety protection measures.


Screw ship unloader

The screw type continuous ship unloader is an efficient continuous ship unloader that uses the mechanical rotation of the screw mechanism to lift and transport materials to the rear dock. It is mainly composed of vertical arm, horizontal arm, rotating tower, end screw conveyor, portal frame and other components. Rated efficiency: 200t/h~2700t/h. It can accept and unload bulk materials such as coal, grain, cement and fertilizer. advantage: 1. The unloading process is completely sealed, which can better prevent dust leakage and noise pollution. 2. Easy operation and low labor intensity of on-site personnel. 3. The reclaiming head can extend to each part of the cabin. The clearing amount of each cabin is generally less than 5%. There is less surplus material in the cabin. The height of the surplus material at the bottom of the cabin can be controlled at about 300mm. 4. Compared with the ship unloader with the same production efficiency, its deadweight is the lightest, 60~70 percent of the deadweight of the bridge grab ship unloader, and the overall dimensions of the whole machine are small. Therefore, the construction area and bearing capacity of the wharf can be reduced accordingly, which can not only reduce the hydraulic investment cost of the new wharf, but also meet the demand for upgrading other types of ship unloaders when the old wharf is almost unchanged. At present, screw type continuous ship unloaders are widely used abroad. However, due to the high equipment prices of foreign manufacturers and the few domestic manufacturers who can master their relevant technologies, they are not widely promoted in China. After years of research and development, our factory has mastered the relevant technology of screw continuous ship unloader. Our factory is willing to cooperate with the majority of users with preferential equipment prices.




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