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Tilting car dumper












Therolldumperhassimplestructureandstrongrigidity.Themainshaftissupportedandrotated.Itadoptsmechanicalpressing,gravitylockingandplatformmovingtoleanagainstthecar.Nohydraulicsystem,fewrotatingparts,highreliabilityandsimplemaintenance.Openendplate,suitableforheavyshunting.Theplatformisseparatedfromtheequipmentbodywhenitisinthezeroposition,andengagedwiththegroundconicalpositioningdeviceforpositioning.Ithasaccuraterailalignment.Itisespeciallysuitablefortheenvironmentwithbadworkingconditionssuchasoredumpingandconcentratepowder.Thedistancebetweentherotationcenteroftherolldumperandthevehiclecenterislarge,sothedrivingpowerisalsolarge,andtheimpactforcegeneratedbythewayofgravitycarpressingandmovingcarleaningisalsolargerthanthatoftherotortype.ThedumpingtypesofrollIandrollIIdumpersbelongtorolltype,butrollIismoresuitableforareaswithhighwaterlevel,andhasadvantagesfordumperswhereitisnotsuitabletoexcavatethefoundationdownward.   RolltypeI   1.Tippingtype:rolltype   2.Maximumloadcapacity100T   3.Turnovercycletimeofcardumper60s   4.Rotorrotationangle160°   5.Themaximumrotationspeedoftherotarydiscis1.32r/min   6.Applicablevehicleloadcapacity30-65t   7.Rotarydrivedevice:DCmotorn=149kw,n=480r/min   NominaltransmissionratioofreducerI=25   8.Carpressingdevicegravityplusmechanicallocking   9.Counterweight65t   RollIIdumper   technicalparameter   l.Tippingtype:rolltype   2.Maximumtotalweightofdumpvehicle:100T   3.Maximumtippingangle:   Normaloperation:170°   Limitstate:175°   4.TurnoverspeedofCarDumper:   Highspeed:1.126r/min   Lowspeed:0.281r/min   5.Dumpvehiclesize:dumpconventionalgondolaC60~C70   6.Drivingmotorpower:2×110kW(S3,Fc=40%)   7.Clampingmechanismform:gravityclamping,mechanicallocking




The roll dumper has simple structure and strong rigidity. The main shaft is supported and rotated. It adopts mechanical pressing, gravity locking and platform moving to lean against the car. No hydraulic system, few rotating parts, high reliability and simple maintenance. Open end plate, suitable for heavy shunting. The platform is separated from the equipment body when it is in the zero position, and engaged with the ground conical positioning device for positioning. It has accurate rail alignment. It is especially suitable for the environment with bad working conditions such as ore dumping and concentrate powder. The distance between the rotation center of the roll dumper and the vehicle center is large, so the driving power is also large, and the impact force generated by the way of gravity car pressing and moving car leaning is also larger than that of the rotor type. The dumping types of roll I and roll II dumpers belong to roll type, but roll I is more suitable for areas with high water level, and has advantages for dumpers where it is not suitable to excavate the foundation downward.
Roll type I
1. Tipping type: roll type
2. Maximum load capacity 100T
3. Turnover cycle time of car dumper 60s
4. Rotor rotation angle 160 °
5. The maximum rotation speed of the rotary disc is 1.32r/min
6. Applicable vehicle load capacity 30-65t
7. Rotary drive device: DC motor n = 149kw, n = 480r / min
Nominal transmission ratio of reducer I = 25
8. Car pressing device gravity plus mechanical locking
9. Counterweight 65t
Roll II dumper
technical parameter
l. Tipping type: roll type
2. Maximum total weight of dump vehicle: 100T
3. Maximum tipping angle:
Normal operation: 170 °
Limit state: 175 °
4. Turnover speed of Car Dumper:
High speed: 1.126r/min
Low speed: 0.281r/min
5. Dump vehicle size: dump conventional gondola C60 ~ C70
6. Driving motor power: 2 × 110kW(S3,Fc=40%)
7. Clamping mechanism form: gravity clamping, mechanical locking

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