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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 

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Power plants, substations and industrial and mining lighting fixtures

Product Description
  Uses: industrial production plant, power plant, substation lighting series.
  Mining lamp features:
  1. The light source and electrical appliances are all optimized and designed with reliable performance, and the brightness is increased by about 20% compared with similar products;
  2, optimized design transparent parts, soft light, uniform illumination, no glare, no ghosting, can effectively avoid visual fatigue caused by workers;
  3. Use high-strength aluminum alloy casing for special sealing and surface coating treatment, which can be used for a long time in high temperature, humidity and various corrosive environments;
  4, seat type, ceiling type and ceiling type and other installation methods, suitable for lighting needs of different work sites.
  Explosion-proof lamp features:
  1. High luminous efficiency, improve on-site illumination, meet the needs of operation inspection and maintenance, meet the requirements of safe production, and solve the safety hazard caused by insufficient lighting brightness;
  2. According to the characteristics that the on-site lamps are often long-lived and have high lighting requirements, the existing ordinary lamps are changed into high-quality lamps with long service life, stable performance and good heat dissipation;
  3, the lamp sealing performance is good, the protection level is required to reach IP65, anti-corrosion grade WF2 (outdoor strong corrosive environment is available). The luminaire adopts an integrated multiple anti-vibration structure design to ensure long-term trouble-free operation in a high-frequency, multi-frequency vibration environment of the boiler.
  The main parameters:
  Lamp efficiency: >87%;
  Up-light ratio: 0;
  Downlight ratio: >92%;
  Protection level: IP65;
  Lamp type: direct type.
  Product Case:
After the renovation of the 150w mining lamp of Xiamen Cigarette Factory (comprehensive power saving 60%)
After the transformation of the 100w mining lamp in the hot rolling workshop of Nanjing Steel Works (the comprehensive power saving rate is 58.4%)
Beijing modern automobile plant 100w mining lamp renovation site (comprehensive power saving rate 53.1%)
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Powerchina  Wuhan  Heavy  Equipment  Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuhan train station base, founded in October 1958, now part of China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd., is a large bulk material handling equipment manufacturer of professional, national high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province best civilized units. Enterprises with provincial technology center, with strong technical force,

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Company existing six main products and services. A complete system of car dumper, and the related auto unloader, ring type coal feeder, impeller coal feeder, thickener and other bulk material handling equipment design, manufacturing, services and engineering contractor. Dumper products include car dumper body equipment and shunting system, with O type, C type, roll type and other models, single, double, three turn, four turned over and other series, and can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, ports, mines,