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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 

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C-type rotor dumper

Product Description
  The “C” type end plate is adopted, and the box-shaped cross-section structure makes up for the deficiency of the C-shaped structure by utilizing its bending resistance and torsion resistance. It is connected by box beam, fixed platform, hydraulic pressure truck, hydraulic truck, hydraulic system effectively releases vehicle spring energy, eliminates damage to the vehicle, simple structure, light weight and low driving power. It is suitable for a wide range of dump trucks. It can be equipped with heavy truck shunting machines. The system hydraulic station can be used on both onboard and ground.
  The dumper can be divided into a bicycle dumper, a two-car dumper, a three-car dumper, and a four-car dumper (mainly introduced type C) according to the number of dumping vehicles.
  Bicycle dumper
  The C-type rotor dumper is a single-turn and a single-purpose single-turn single-turn (removable three-section dedicated C80 model) that can be unloaded according to the single-section unloading of the unloaded vehicle according to the dumped vehicle.
  Conventional C-type single turn
  Adopting “C” type end plate, the structure is light, the platform is fixed, the hydraulic plate is backed by the car, and the hydraulic pressure is pressed, which eliminates the impact on the vehicle and equipment and reduces the pressing force. According to the unique control mode of the hydraulic system, the spring energy of the vehicle during the unloading process is effectively released. The driving power is small. The “C” type end disc structure is suitable for heavy truck shunting systems.
  Technical Parameters
  1. Load capacity: rated 100t, maximum 110t
  2, dumping angle: normal 165 °, maximum 175 °
  3, pressing the beam: 2 pairs
  4, pressing force: no more than 784kN/400mm
  5, the number of end disks: 2
  6, the spacing between the ends of the ring: 15m
  7, end ring diameter: 7.56m
  8, the platform form is fixed
  9, platform length: 15.94m
  10, by car type mobile
  11, the limit locomotive does not pass the dumper
  12, track spacing: 1.505m
  13. Drive power: 2x45Kw
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Company existing six main products and services. A complete system of car dumper, and the related auto unloader, ring type coal feeder, impeller coal feeder, thickener and other bulk material handling equipment design, manufacturing, services and engineering contractor. Dumper products include car dumper body equipment and shunting system, with O type, C type, roll type and other models, single, double, three turn, four turned over and other series, and can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, ports, mines,