Types of ship loaders


The ship loader is a large-scale bulk material machinery used for loading ships at the bulk material terminal. A general ship loader is composed of a boom belt conveyor, a transition belt conveyor, a telescopic chute, a tail car, a running device, a mast, a tower, a pitching device, a slewing device, etc.
Types of ship loaders:
Screw-type loaders: A screw-type ship loader is totally-enclosed and commonly used for handling powdery and dusty materials such as cement, clinker, sulfur and minerals. Screw-conveyors load ships up to Panamax size.
Aeroslide loaders: Totally-enclosed aeroslide ship loaders are generally used to handle easily-fluidized materials such as cement, dry fly ash and alumina. They can load ships up to 80,000 dwt. Aeroslide loaders must be installed on a downward slope, as gravity is essential to their operation. They can be ideal when height restrictions are a major factor.
Belt-conveyor loaders: A belt conveyor ship loader can handle a broad range of commodities including lumpy, granular and sticky materials, such as coal, ores, minerals, grain, feedstuff and fertilizers. They benefit from low energy consumption and can load ships up to 300,000 dwt. Belt conveyors can be covered to protect cargo and minimize environmental impact and spillage.