Several common faults and treatment methods of Vertical lift (PCS)


The Vertical lift (PCS) is an indispensable machine for construction now. It is not only used in large-scale construction sites, but also often used in home decoration. There will be some faults in the Vertical lift (PCS) after a long time, so what are the faults and what is the solution?
1. The steel rope is broken
Steel ropes are wound with dozens of steel wires. Generally, they will not break all at once, and they are all intermittent. Therefore, people should pay attention to check the state of the steel ropes.
2. Gear slipping
In fact, this problem is often seen. If someone who understands machinery will sprinkle a handful of soil between the gears, this can increase the friction of the gears. The reason for the gear slipping is that the object is too heavy, and the force of the gear cannot lift the weight of the object, which will easily cause the gear to slip, but don't worry, just find a slightly larger gear to replace it.
3. Power trip
When using the Vertical lift (PCS), you often encounter tripping. This is because the Vertical lift (PCS) needs to consume a strong voltage when it is working. The general household line is not up to the engineering standard, so you should re-lead a line when using it. Line, or another line from the property of the community, so that there will be no tripping. If it is serious, it is not as simple as tripping. It is likely to burn the entire line and cause a fault.