customized Shiploader performance products


Customized Shiploader performance products include gantry, column, turntable, boom, telescopic chute, conveyor belt, counterweight frame and dust removal device. The telescopic chute consists of a main pipe and a dust hood. The dust hood is fitted outside the main pipe and both A dust suction channel is formed between them, the lower end of the main pipe is connected with a skirt cover, the dust removal device includes a dust suction pipe, a negative pressure fan and a dust collector, the top of the telescopic chute is provided with a funnel connected to the conveyor belt, and the upper end of the dust cover is sealed with the outer wall of the funnel Connection, the suction pipe runs through the dust cover and extends to the dust suction channel, the suction pipe is connected to the dust collector, and the negative pressure fan is connected to the air outlet of the dust collector; the dust collector is provided with a back blow device, and the back blow device is connected with a compressed air pipe, The lower end of the dust collector is provided with a dust collecting hopper, the dust collecting hopper is connected with a dust discharge pipe, the dust discharge pipe extends to the top of the conveyor belt, and an electric gate valve is arranged on the dust discharge pipe.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about customized Shiploader performance products.