How much do you know about customized Shiploader performance products


Customized Shiploader performance products include the main engine and the tail car, the main engine and the tail car are connected by a link, the customized Shiploader performance products The main engine includes the boom, the boom is connected by the turntable, the slewing mechanism, the gantry and the walking mechanism, the boom and the telescopic boom are connected One end is connected, the other end of the telescopic arm is connected with the sliding cylinder mechanism, the base of the boom is provided with a counterweight, a pitching hydraulic system is arranged between the turntable and the boom, the telescopic boom is connected with the telescopic boom drive system, the boom and the boom are connected Conveying system connection, the top of the boom is equipped with a driver's cab; customized Shiploader performance products The tail car includes a tail car structure, the tail car structure is equipped with a tail car conveying and unloading system, an electrical room, a cable reel is connected below the electrical room, a spray The reel has the advantages of simple structure, longest conveying distance, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, low noise, easy operation, larger expansion and contraction range, larger rotation angle range, and greatly improved production efficiency.

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