People's Daily: one belt, one road project for people's livelihood is steadily advancing.


With the deepening of one belt, one road of livelihood projects has been steadily advancing in the countries and regions along the border, helping local people to increase their incomes and improve their lives. One touching story confirms one's "one belt, one road" is the "development belt" that benefits the world and is a "happy road" for all peoples.
Set up a new iron cable bridge and rush to a happy life
"Look here, 1, 2, 3..." with a "click", kassina held his son and his father, leaving a precious group photo of three generations in front of the rebuilt Trier cable bridge.
Kassina is a villager of masangdi 3 village, Lam County, Gandaki Province, Nepal. Masangdi river at the entrance of the village has been running for thousands of years, splitting Annapurna mountain into two parts. Across the river is masangdi 7 village, which is a transit station leading to the largest market in besishar town 20 kilometers away.
In the past, the villagers of 3 villages had to take a ferry or detour to the market market of 7 villages on the other side or further away. In the early 1990s, with the help of the local government, a trier cable bridge was built on the masangdi River, which became the only shortcut for masangdi 3 villagers to cross the river. Kassina walked across the bridge several times and went to school in the opposite village 7. After completing his studies, he found a job in construction, worked part-time in the agricultural products trade market from time to time, and married his beloved girl from village 7.