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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 


Power Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. holds a Mid-Autumn Festival Symposium for Young Employees in 2020

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  On the afternoon of September 29, approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of young employees, Power Construction Heavy Industries held the 2020 Young Employees Mid-Autumn Symposium. Company Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Chen Yiguo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager Fu Chunxia, ​​Deputy General Manager Du Yong, Deputy General Manager, and Chief Engineer Zhu Changjin attended and participated in this symposium. More than 20 young employee representatives attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, representatives of young employees spoke freely in terms of technological innovation, professional application, role change, talent training, personal growth, etc., centering on their original aspirations and mission. The leaders and representatives of young employees at the meeting cordially interacted and answered questions patiently for young employees. Based on their own experiences, they encouraged young employees to actively face the transformation of their identities from students to social people, and summarized the growth process from confusion-independent learning-impetuous-precipitation-self-breakthrough, and called on everyone to keep their feet on the ground, but also not Forget "looking up at the stars". The company will solve problems and create better conditions for everyone, and will always be the most solid backing for young employees.

  Chen Yiguo, on behalf of the company, sent holiday blessings to everyone, and sincerely sent a message to young employees: First, consolidate professional foundation, always retain curiosity and exploration of new knowledge, and remember the integration of theory and practice; second, expand the scope of knowledge, you can dabble in some management Learn the relevant knowledge, figure out the ways and methods of interpersonal communication, organizational division of labor, communication, etc., so that EQ and IQ are equally important; the third is to seize the opportunity, make good use of the good development platform provided by the company for everyone, and continue to challenge yourself and strive to achieve a business Double harvest of development and personal growth.

  This symposium is an initiative of the company to convey corporate warmth and send holiday blessings. It effectively stimulates the determination and belief of young employees to strive for progress and aspire to become talents, and become the mainstay of the company's development as soon as possible, and contribute their youth to the development of the company.

  Relevant persons in charge of the Technology Center and Human Resources Department attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.








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