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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 


You can't relax in a safe production moment!

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  In order to do a solid job in the three-year special rectification of production safety, we will focus on all tasks in the critical phase in 2021, consolidate production safety responsibilities, and ensure the stability of the company's production safety situation. On April 15th, the company launched a three-year special rectification action on production safety, a special safety supervision inspection and a special action on subcontracting large-scale investigation and rectification of hidden safety risks.

  This supervision is jointly carried out by the safety administrative management system, the safety production implementation system and the safety supervision system. The general manager Fu Chunxia, ​​the deputy general manager Xia Qianping and the chief engineer Zhu Changjin led the teams respectively to check key and difficult issues to ensure safety. The supervision has achieved tangible results. The supervision team focused on special supervision and inspection of clean production, equipment and facilities, industrial pipelines, spreaders, industrial gas cylinders, safe passages, warehouses, open-air cargo yards and other areas and subcontracting safety management, and proposed on-site rectifications for problems found during the inspections Opinions, issued a safety rectification notice, requiring the responsible department to conduct rectification closed-loop in accordance with the "five decisions" principle.

  The supervision team requires that all departments should improve their ideological understanding, implement responsibilities at all levels, and take the initiative to receive them in strict accordance with the company’s "Three-Year Action 2021 Key Task List" and "Safety Risk Hidden Hazard Large-scale Investigation and Remediation Special Action Key Task List" requirements Work tasks should be decomposed, refined, and implemented again to ensure that each work is carried out to people, jobs, and in place; it must be closely integrated with reality, adhere to problem-oriented, increase special rectification efforts, and pay close attention to the investigation of hidden dangers. The rectification work promotes the effective operation of the dual prevention mechanism to ensure that the company's three-year production safety special rectification action and the large-scale investigation and large-scale rectification action are implemented and effective.

  Heads of safety, quality and environmental protection department, production workshop, equipment infrastructure department, project and other departments participated in safety supervision.



Introduction to the technical index knowledge of customized Bridge grab ship unloader!
The unloading capacity of the customized Bridge grab ship unloader is one of the important technical indicators of the equipment. It will have a great influence on the parameter selection and design of the equipment.
Do you know the components of the customized Bridge grab ship unloader?
The customized Bridge grab ship unloader is a ship unloader device for grabbing materials.
Introduction of customized C-type rotor dumper: Knowledge about the working principle of the dump truck!
A dump truck is a special type of vehicle for short-distance transportation of materials with a tipping hopper. A "bucket"-shaped container is installed on the body, which can be turned over to facilitate unloading. It is suitable for short-distance transportation of various bulk materials such as sand, earth, coal, ore, etc. It has strong power and usually has a mechanical back bucket function.
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