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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 


Power Construction Heavy Industry Company held the first quarter safety committee meeting

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  On April 28, the company held a quarterly meeting of the Safety Committee. The company’s party committee secretary, chairman, and safety committee director Chen Yiguo presided over the meeting, and safety committee members attended the meeting.

  Participants studied together General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, and watched the TV feature film "Life is More Important than Mount Tai"; the meeting conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents of the group company on production safety. The Department of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection reported on the safety inspections and hidden hazard investigations in the first quarter, safety production in the first quarter and key work arrangements in the second quarter.

  The meeting put forward the following requirements for the next stage of production safety and epidemic prevention and control:

  First, we must improve our ideological understanding. From the political height of resolutely achieving the "two maintenances", all departments must deeply understand the importance of the special investigation and remediation action and the three-year special remediation action, the importance of doing a good job in security risk prevention, and resolute prevention and containment Various production safety accidents celebrate the centenary of the party with excellent results.

  Second, responsibilities must be strictly implemented. The person in charge of each department earnestly fulfills the "one post and two responsibilities", personally grasps deployment, implementation, and implementation, and does a good job of safety within the scope of responsibility, strictly following the three-year action 2021 key task list and the major investigation and rectification special action The list of key tasks, closely link up and actively cooperate, grasp the key and focus, further refine and quantify various tasks, and form a work pattern of concerted efforts to implement tasks.

  Third, we must insist on system rectification. In response to the various safety hazards discovered in the special action, the responsible department shall conduct a comprehensive and systematic analysis, find the root causes of the hazards from each link, formulate a rectification plan, and eliminate the safety hazards within the specified time. It is necessary to take more effective preventive measures to completely eliminate a number of hidden dangers of recurring accidents and ensure that various safety risks are under control.

  Fourth, we must fully implement the main responsibility for flood control and drought relief. All departments must strictly implement the requirements of the group company's 2021 flood prevention and drought relief work, always tighten the flood prevention safety string, combine the characteristics of safe production and the geological environment, formulate flood prevention and drought relief plans, implement flood prevention and drought relief responsibilities at all levels, and promote the implementation of various flood prevention and drought relief tasks. .

  Fifth, we must do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic during the holidays. Recently, the new crown epidemic broke out in many overseas places. The form of the epidemic is very serious. All departments must fully understand the long-term nature of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the control of key populations, and urge employees to receive the new crown vaccine in a timely manner to ensure that ".



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