Installation requirements for mining lighting fixtures


Installation requirements for mining lighting fixtures:
1. First of all, check whether the mining lighting fixtures are complete or not and the accessories are complete.
2. When installing mining lighting fixtures or replacing accessories, be sure to disconnect the power supply first. When connecting the power supply, pay attention to the adaptation of the input voltage to the high bay lamp. After the power cord is connected, it must be properly waterproofed and insulated.
3. The connection wires on the mining lighting fixtures can pass through the drill holes and the connection wires behind the lamps can be fixed with wire clamps, so the firmness must be ensured.
4. It should be noted that the power cord of the lamp needs to have sufficient length, and it should not be subject to tension or tangential force. When installing the connection of mining lighting fixtures, avoid excessive tension, do not tie the connection, pay attention to distinguish the output connection, and do not confuse it with other lamps.
5. The distance between the product and flammable materials must be at least 0.2m, and the zenith to be installed must have a gap of 2 cm. The lamps cannot be installed inside the zenith or on the side of the wall with a heat source. Pay attention to low pressure and high The piezo wires are routed separately.
6. When installing mining lighting fixtures, care should be taken to handle them with care. Do not drop them randomly and cause damage to the lighting fixtures. Strictly follow the installation instructions required by the manufacturer.
7. After the installation is completed, check the place to see if there is any lighting dead angle, and you should ensure that the lighting of the lamps meets the requirements.