Main points of daily maintenance of customized mining lighting fixtures


Customized mining lighting fixtures adopt a new generation of green lighting products, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have a long service life. But daily maintenance still must pay attention. Good daily maintenance can make customized mining lighting fixtures last longer. The light is brighter. The following are the main points of daily maintenance of customized mining lighting fixtures:
1. The installation of customized mining lighting fixtures must be firm and the wiring must be standard. Read the installation manual carefully before installation. If you can't install it, you should ask a professional electrician to install it, so as to avoid the occurrence of dangerous situations.
2. When using customized mining lighting fixtures, maintenance must be strengthened to prolong their service life. Wipe it frequently with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, so as to avoid rust damage or leakage and short circuit after a long time; wipe frequently so as not to affect the penetration of light.
3. During cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of customized mining lighting fixtures, and not to replace parts casually. After cleaning and maintenance, the lamps should be installed as they are without missing or wrongly installing lamp parts.