Types of mining lighting fixtures


Types of mining lighting fixtures:
Portable luminaires:
On mobile mechanical equipment such as mining and loading machinery and electric locomotives, mobile lamps are used to provide local lighting for operations. Most of these mining lighting fixtures are explosion-proof for mine use, which have the characteristics of good shock resistance, large light spot, high brightness, durable and with switches. Most of the light sources are incandescent bulbs, and a few use high-pressure mercury lamps for lighting the hydraulic coal mining face. The floodlights on the electric locomotive are equipped with reflectors with good performance, so that the irradiation distance exceeds 40m, and there must be taillights that are easy to disassemble and fixed firmly.
Battery lamps:
There are two types of head-mounted and portable. The miner's lamp is a necessary mining lighting fixtures for underground miners. It is composed of a battery pack, a lamp holder and a connecting cable. The storage battery is tied to the miner's belt, and the lamp head is worn on the miner's cap. There is an automatic power-off device inside the lamp head, and the power can be cut off immediately when the bulb or lamp surface glass is broken, so as to ensure the safety of underground use. The portable lamp is equipped with a lifting ring or a hook, and the battery in the lamp directly supplies power to the bulb through the conductive contact.