General requirements for China roll dumpers


General requirements for China roll dumpers:
1. Drivers of China roll dumpers in China must pass the professional training examination and hold a certificate.
2. You should be familiar with the performance of mechanical equipment, power supply system, signal contact method and general fault handling methods of this post.
Inspection before operation of China roll dumper:
1. Before starting the China roll dumper, check whether the motor, reducer, brake device, internal and external car stopper, rolling ring, roller, bearing, switch and signal device are in good condition.
2. Before starting the China roll dumper, oil should be injected into the bearings and rotating parts of each part, and check whether the oil level of the reducer meets the standard.
3. Check whether the shields of the rotating parts and the guardrails of the dangerous parts are complete and intact.
4. Before overturning, the car should be operated empty, so as to observe the operation of each mechanism, and then overturn after confirming that it is correct.

China roll dumper
Operating standards and codes of conduct for China roll dumpers:
1. When pushing the cart into the roll dumper, the propulsion speed should not be greater than 1m/S.
2. Drive and overturn the vehicle to the loading position (that is, the inner and outer rails are aligned), stop firmly, open the vehicle stopper, push the heavy vehicle, and push out the empty vehicle before overturning.
3. When the China roll dumper is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the console, and if any abnormal phenomenon is found, stop the machine immediately.
4. After the work is over, clean the environment, tidy up the tools, fill in the work log and shift record, and then hand over the shift.
5. To check all parts, the power supply must be cut off, the operation must be stopped, and a power-off sign must be hung.
6. When the mine car falls off the road in the roll dumper, the power supply must be cut off, and then be processed, and a person should be supervised.