Introduction to customized roll dumper


A customized roll dumper refers to a large-scale mechanical equipment used to dump bulk materials on railway open cars. It is a loading and unloading machine that can flip or tilt rail vehicles to unload them. It is suitable for ports with large transportation volumes and industrial sectors such as metallurgy, coal, and thermal power. Most of the mine cars under the mine are also unloaded with small roll dumpers.
The working principle of the customized roll dumper is to turn the open car to 170-180 degrees to unload the bulk material on the underground ground belt, and the ground belt conveyor will transport the unloaded bulk material to the designated place. The customized roll dumper can dump 1-4 railway wagon vehicles at a time. The early equipment can only dump one vehicle, but now the largest roll dumper can dump four vehicles.
The forms of customized roll dumpers mainly include rotor type and side tilting type. Among them, the rotor type roll dumper is the most used one. The rotor type roll dumper is characterized by light weight and small size, but the ground construction cost is relatively large; the side tilting type roll dumper is used less, and the side tilting type roll dumper is characterized by a relatively large dead weight. , consumes a lot of power, and the cost of civil engineering is relatively small. The efficiency of a single-vehicle roll dumper is generally 18-25 vehicles/hour.
The customized roll dumper plays an important role in thermal power generation, metallurgy and other large industrial and mining enterprises. It is mainly composed of heavy cattle, heavy cattle pusher, dumper main body, dumper pusher, leading cart walking, leading cart pusher, empty cattle and other parts.