Types of roll dumpers


There are four types of roll dumpers: drum type, side unloading type, end unloading type and compound type. All kinds of roll dumpers are composed of a metal frame, a driving device and a clamping mechanism, and are driven by an AC motor.
Drum roll dumper
Push the cargo open car into the metal frame shaped like a drum and clamp it, then the drum is rotated 140°~170° by the driving device, and the bulk materials in the car are unloaded into the underground silo under the action of its own weight. If the vehicle has a rotary coupler, the entire truck can be unloaded section by section without uncoupling the truck, and the operating capacity can reach 8,000 tons per hour. Drum dumpers are the most widely used.
side roll dumper
The cradle is used instead of the drum. After the vehicle is clamped on the cradle, it rotates 140°~170° around the upper axis with the cradle and then unloads. Due to the elevated center of gravity of the cradle and vehicle during rotation, drive power and structural weight are increased without the need for an underground silo.
End roll dumper
After the vehicle is pushed onto the unloading platform and clamped, the driving device makes the unloading platform rotate 50°~70° around the axis parallel to the axle, and the materials are unloaded from the end door. The structure of this dumper is relatively simple, but it is only suitable for vehicles with doors opened at the end.
Compound roll dumper
Suitable for box car unloading. After the truck is pushed onto the unloading platform and clamped, the two tilt to one side at 15°-20°, and then in the longitudinal plane of the vehicle, tilt once at the front and back, with an angle of about 40°, and the truck can be tilted three times. The inner material is discharged through the middle door.