The development trend of China floodlights and tunnel lights


China floodlights and tunnel lights is a light-efficient energy-saving lamp with high light efficiency and long life. It can realize multi-purpose lighting with different reflectors; and it will not cause glare or other uncomfortable reactions after softening treatment. China floodlights and tunnel lights can optimize the road conditions in the tunnel, improve the visual enjoyment in the tunnel, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve the tunnel capacity to ensure traffic safety.

China floodlights and tunnel lights
China floodlights and tunnel lights are used in large-area floodlighting in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various factories, engineering construction and other places. They are most suitable for beautifying lighting in urban landscapes, billboards, and building facades. With the rapid development of my country's road traffic construction, the construction scale and quantity of highway tunnels are also increasing, and China floodlights and tunnel lights have also emerged problems such as energy saving and safety that need to be solved. With the maturity of LED light source technology, domestic The lighting industry has also carried out research and application practice on the application of LEDs in highway tunnel lighting. Therefore, it will become a demand to combine advanced control methods in tunnel lighting and adopt a new generation of light sources with high luminous efficiency, good stability, and long life.