How are quality floodlights and tunnel lights installed


How are quality floodlights and tunnel lights installed?
1. Boom type
First of all, pre-embedded lines and electrical boxes must be installed. Quality Floodlights and tunnel lights must be installed according to the detailed design and construction plan. After that, the ceiling should be constructed to ensure the perfect combination of lamps and ceilings. Finally, fixed installation with bolts. 
2. Ceiling
Pre-embed the junction box at a fixed point, clean the junction box, and mark the junction box. The fixation of quality  floodlights and tunnel lights requires drilling through the lamp holes at the top of the tunnel, and fixing the lamps with expansion bolts.

quality floodlights and tunnel lights
3. Wall-mounted
The wall-mounted installation is the same as the installation of home wall-mounted lamps. The lines are pre-buried in the early stage, and the tunnel lights are installed, and then the quality  floodlights and tunnel lights are fixed. An electrical box is also required to provide power for the lamps.
4. Seat
The seat type installation method is similar to the previous two methods. First, pre-embed the lines, install the lamps, and use bolts to fix them. The installation should be carried out in full accordance with the construction design drawings and detailed plans.