Safety regulations for China Easy Lift (PJS)


Safety regulations for China Easy Lift (PJS):
1. China Easy Lift (PJS) is managed by a special person who regularly checks the power switch
2. In order to improve the safety of use, China Easy Lift (PJS) needs to install a hoist limiter and a travel limiter. Let the pulley be lifted to the distance reel;
3. China Easy Lift (PJS) should have a maximum load sign, and the weight should not be overloaded during lifting and lowering.
5. After China Easy Lift (PJS) starts to send electricity, check the working conditions of the hoist limiter, travel limiter and interlock switch in order to see if it is normal;
6. Before lifting or landing, you can drive after the bell rings.
7. The elevator is absolutely not allowed to carry people up and down.
8. After the work is finished, the lift suspension plate should be on the ground, then cut off the power supply, and close the upper and lower guardrail doors.
9. Always keep the environment around the lift clean.

China Easy Lift (PJS)
Precautions for the use of China Easy Lift (PJS):
1. Drive with no load. Before shutting down, drain all the materials in the elevator, and then shut down when the power is cut off.
2. China Easy Lift (PJS) cannot be reversed, if reversed, the chain will derail;
3. Pour the material evenly, the amount of material should not exceed the carrying capacity of the elevator, otherwise it will easily cause material blockage and failure
4. If China Easy Lift (PJS) is used for a long time, it needs to be regularly maintained and supplemented with lubricating oil; if the chain and the hopper are worn, it needs to be replaced in time!