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Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, especially the 1st white sandbar 


2015 new employees to report notification

Company News
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  All new employees:
  How are you!
  We welcome you to join Wuhan power plant!
  To you successfully register, we hereby notify the following report, please read carefully and refer to transact.
  First, the reporting time
  2015 graduates centralized reporting time is August 1. To facilitate the arrangement and orientation of new staff report, please bring the relevant documents to report the information within a specified time.
  I plant working time is 8 am: 00-12: 00; 1:00: 30-5: 30, calculate the time of arrival in advance, if it is to reach at night or other special reasons, please contact us in advance so that we do stay arrangements.
  Human Resources Tel: Wang (027-68888643)
  Second, the report places
  Place: Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei white sandbar Special One, Wuhan power plant HR.
  Third, when you need to carry documents and other information to report
  1. Registration of the original permit (payable to: Wuhan power plant);
  2. The original migration card account (the account moved to address to fill in Full name, supra);
  3. education, degree certificate and a copy of each (eg, for special reasons as a result of delayed loans diploma, reconcile yourself to do school academic degree or other relevant departments issued proof has been made in education, degree, holding the original proof
  Note: If the report does not need new employees Qianzhuan account, and did not pay the original migration card accounts, their qualifications, experience not only the degree of the original certificate of admission.
  4. Each copy of English four or six and a copy of the original certificate (the original inspection, to close copy);
  5. The pros and cons of each duplicate copy of ID;
  6. The registration of an inch of white background picture five, while the electronic version is sent to the mailbox wwqddy@163.COM, e-mail name to the school named after +, and indicate new employees according to the electronic registration, the format (JPG).
  7. Communist Party members (including a probationary member), please explain to the school organization department, organizational relationships transmitting a letter of introduction payable to:
  Universities outside Wuhan: ”CPC Hubei Provincial People's Government State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Commission“;
  Wuhan city universities: ”Chinese Communist Party Committee of Wuhan power plant“
  8. comes with bedding and essential household supplies, I plant to provide bedding and other facilities.
  9, new employees overseas universities in the early report, the first item of baggage arrive I plant, I plant responsible for keeping luggage. Local colleges and universities to report new employees in the early stage of the baggage sent directly to single quarters.
  Hostel Address: Wuchang District column electrode cell Student Apartments.
  Phone: 68888003 Contact: Ni Laoshi
  Fourth, on new employees in the school enrollment Archives
  I plant employees' right to receive and file the right. Please contact new staff before leaving the school archives administration, the school mailed directly from our factory HR through confidential channels.
  V. Registration Process
  Registration and submission of documents to fill in Registration → Register → handle single apartment check → apply for a work permit → fill handed ”employee resume“ → signed labor contracts → → pre-service training for duty Internship
  Six new employees to report Fee
  When new employees to report travel expenses, and baggage costs (through the post office), the new employees to be reimbursed after the report by corporate financial regulations.
  To fully charged and recharge the phone is easy to keep contact, pay attention to safety, carrying belongings good.
  I wish you a pleasant journey and safe arrival!
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