The main purpose of the easy lift (PJS)


The easy lift (PJS) is also called a small household simple lifting platform. The common non-scissor-type fixed hydraulic lifting platform is more suitable for some places where pits cannot be excavated, and there is no need to hang points on it. The equipment runs very smoothly and smoothly. There are various forms, the operation is also very convenient and reliable, and the transportation of goods is very economical. At present, easy lift (PJS) are often used for the transportation of goods in low-rise production plants, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and other places.

easy lift (PJS)
The main purpose of the easy lift (PJS):
The important use of the easy lift (PJS) is to transport goods. It is a high-efficiency delivery platform, and the product structure is firm, the lifting is very stable, the load-bearing capacity is large, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient. equipment for transporting goods. At present, the main application industries of easy lift (PJS) are not only the industrial plants, warehouses and restaurants described above, but also explosion-proof enterprises such as power plants, high pressure, high temperature, chemical and nuclear industries, etc.
Do easy lift (PJS) require annual inspection?
This depends on what your easy lift (PJS) is. If the height of the lifting platform is less than 2 meters, the equipment with a load of less than 500 kg does not need annual inspection. ) Special equipment over kilograms must be applied for inspection and annual inspection. When applying for inspection, the manufacturer must provide a special equipment production license. For specific conditions, you can also consult the local quality supervision department.