The role of bridge grab ship unloader


The bridge grab ship unloader is suitable for coal unloading operations of ships in medium and small ports or ships in power plant wharfs, with high speed and high efficiency.
The bridge grab ship unloader can run on the track, and the clearance height under the gantry can pass through the transport vehicle. It is sent to the belt conveyor on the wharf through the discharge port of the hopper, and then sent to the storage yard. The front frame can be tilted. This model can be individually designed according to user needs.
Bridge grab ship unloader is a widely used ship unloader product, which is widely used in various ports. It is mainly used in the unloading of bulk cargo ships in ports and docks. Compared with the multi-purpose traditional gantry crane, the bridge grab ship unloader has great advantages in high operation efficiency and high production safety, and is the development direction of the ship unloader.
The bridge grab ship unloader has the advantages of light weight and good rigidity. It adopts AC variable frequency drive with energy feedback, which is energy-saving and efficient. At the same time, it is equipped with an advanced dry fog and dust suppression system, which is clean and environmentally friendly. Its unloading system is equipped with mobile material distribution. The trolley and the detachable idler can well adapt to the environmental conditions and maintenance requirements, and effectively improve the loading and unloading capacity of the wharf.