Catenary chain bucket unloader supplier introduces the knowledge of installation and use of unloader


Do you know how the unloader is installed and used? Let's follow the editor of Catenary chain bucket unloader supplier for a brief understanding!
Install the side plate of the unloader first. You can install a few bolts first. You don't need to tighten the bolts too tightly. The next step is to install the bearing bracket of the unloader. When installing the bearing bracket, it needs to be installed according to the design requirements, intercept a reasonable horizontal reference, and fasten it after confirming that it is correct.
Then install the roller where the unloader is installed, put the cover plate in first, and then fix the bearing seat. It should be noted that the stick cover can be fastened to the side plate after the asbestos is wrapped and pressed tightly. The side plate needs to be fastened with all the bolts of the skeleton. After these operations are installed, install the hydraulic pressure of the unloader. Connect the connecting rod, then install the hydraulic press of the unloader and connect the hydraulic press to the connecting rod.
The above is the small series of Catenary chain bucket unloader supplier: a brief introduction to the installation and use of the unloader.