Mobile Bulk MaterialDiscount Ship unloader performance


Discount Ship unloader performance for mobile bulk materials, including lower fixed outriggers, slewing bearing, upper support, conveyor slewing bearing, screw conveyor, screw reclaimer and self-propelled device, the lower fixed outrigger is connected to the self-propelled device, The upper bracket is connected with the lower fixed leg through the slewing bearing, one end of the screw conveyor is connected with the upper bracket through the conveyor slewing bearing, and the other end of the screw conveyor is connected with the screw reclaimer. The new power source saves investment. At the same time, it does not change the characteristics of self-propelled machinery. It overcomes environmental pollution, volume, energy consumption, investment and many other factors of grab type, negative pressure type, and conveyor type. Unloading provides convenience for emergency use in other locations.
In summary, this is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of Discount Ship unloader performance.