Ship unloader performance Manufacturers china start-up inspection


1. Before boarding the aircraft, check whether there are operators and obstacles within the running track and moving range of Ship unloader performance Manufacturers china; check whether the anchoring device, anti-climbing iron wedge, windproof cable and wheel clamp are complete and in good condition. , the anchoring device, windproof cable, and anti-climbing iron wedge should be released to make it in a non-anchored state.
2. When boarding the plane for the transfer class, you should check and confirm Ship unloader performance Manufacturers china along the boarding route. Check whether the main cable is twisted, traumatized, or loose at the fixed place, etc.; check whether the funnel system is in good condition; check the safety condition of the grab bucket connection and the wear of the grab bucket wire rope, and report any abnormality in time.
3. Check whether the wire rope and the joint of the wire rope are normal; if it is loose, it should be tightened.
4. Check the front and rear beams of Ship unloader performance Manufacturers china to confirm whether there are obstacles in the main trolley, the rope trolley track and the moving range, and whether the trolley track is abnormal.
5. Check the wear of the lifting opening and closing mechanism, the wire rope of the trolley tensioning mechanism, and the brake pads of each brake.
6. Check the lubrication situation of each lubrication point of Ship unloader performance Manufacturers china, and check whether the oil quantity in the oil tank, reducer, etc. meets the requirements.
7. Check whether all drives, transmission mechanisms and working mechanisms, electrical circuits, electrical equipment and protective facilities, hydraulic devices and actuators are correct.