Body Swivel Dumper performance Manufacturers china


The body is rotatable Dumper performance Manufacturers china, including a vehicle body, the top of the vehicle body is fixedly mounted with a head, a hydraulic cylinder is fixedly installed on the top of the vehicle body and located on the right side of the vehicle head, and the top of the vehicle body is located at the front. A movable device is fixedly installed on the right side of the hydraulic cylinder, the output end of the hydraulic cylinder is movably installed with a carriage whose one end is fixedly connected with the movable device, and a carriage door is movably installed on the right side of the carriage. The carriage can be rotated Dumper performance Manufacturers China, by setting up hydraulic cylinders, movable devices, compartments, compartment doors and positioning frames, when the user uses the equipment, open the hydraulic cylinder to drive the left side of the compartment to move up, and the compartment is inclined to unload. If the residual material in the compartment cannot be removed, At this time, the electric push rod is turned on to move the scraper to the right, the scraper moves to the right in the compartment, and the residual material on the inner wall of the compartment is scraped off. In this way, the equipment is unloaded cleanly and quickly.
To sum up, this is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the rotatable body Dumper performance Manufacturers china.