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How much do you know about dump trucks? Dumper performance Manufacturers china Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.
Dump truck, including mechanical part and control part, control part includes electro-hydraulic braking system, power supply system, fail-safe guidance system, starting system and cargo box weighing system; electro-hydraulic braking system includes mechanical braking subsystem and electric system When mechanical braking is required, the vehicle controller is controlled by the pedal angle, the vehicle controller controls the hydraulic control valve, the hydraulic control valve controls the electromagnetic proportional valve, and the electromagnetic proportional valve controls the brake; when electric braking is required The whole vehicle controller is controlled by the pedal angle, the whole vehicle controller controls the inverter, and the inverter controls the traction motor; the power supply system includes the installation station on the front side of the dump truck, the battery box and the super capacitor cabinet, all The battery box and super capacitor cabinet are set at the installation station; the safety guidance system includes electrical control safety guidance, hydraulic control safety guidance and auxiliary device safety guidance; the driver is guided to operate after the failure by monitoring the vehicle fault information.
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