quality Dumper performance


How much do you know about dump trucks? The quality Dumper performance editor will take you to a brief look at it.
The multi-function dump truck is composed of a car chassis, a cargo box, an upper and lower sliding column, a tailgate, a tensioning cylinder, a lifting cylinder, a chain, a sprocket, etc. When the self-unloading of the goods needs to be lifted, start the tensioning cylinder, The piston rod of the tensioning cylinder is elongated, and the chain moves to the right. During the process of the chain moving to the right, the tailgate is first turned backward around the second hinge axis to a horizontal state, and then the sliding column locking mechanism is unlocked, and then the upper and lower sliding columns are driven to the horizontal. Slide down until it is flush with the ground; when it is necessary to tilt the cargo box to realize the self-unloading of the cargo, first open the lock between the tailgate panel and the tailgate frame, start the lift cylinder, and the piston rod of the lift cylinder is extended. Push the cargo box to tilt backwards around a hinge shaft, and at the same time, the unlocked tailgate panel rotates around the three hinge shafts under the action of its own weight, and is separated from the tailgate frame, so that the goods can be easily dumped from the tailgate frame. To realize the self-unloading of the goods, it can also realize the self-unloading of the goods by tilting the cargo box.
The above is the small series of quality Dumper performance: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of dump trucks.