quality Dumper performance introduces the operation rules of dump trucks


How much do you know about the operating procedures of dump trucks? The quality Dumper performance editor will take you to a brief look at it.
1. Do not suddenly push the lifting handle to the "lowering position" in the middle of full-load lifting.
If such an operation error occurs, the carriage will suddenly rush down, which will bring a great impact to the frame, and even cause an accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as much as possible. If there are special circumstances, it should also be operated carefully. Try to slow down the descent speed as much as possible, and avoid dropping the carriage to the bottom suddenly.
2. It is not allowed to use the slam-lift truck - slam the brakes to unload the goods.
Due to the large inertia force of the violent lifting of the car, it is easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, welding of the carriage and the auxiliary frame, burning of the oil pump, damage to the sealing ring, damage to the hydraulic cylinder, etc. The service life of the vehicle is reduced, and in severe cases, the car will roll over. ACCIDENT. Therefore, it is generally forbidden to drive the dump truck when it is lifted.
3. After the dump truck unloads the goods, the power take-off must be disconnected before driving.
If this operation error occurs, when the dump truck is driving, since the power take-off is in the "engaged" position, the lift oil pump will run at high speed for a long time without load in the "small cycle" state. As a result, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, which is easy to cause damage to the oil seal of the oil pump, and even the phenomenon of "burning out" of the oil pump; more seriously, the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, and it is easy to cause the carriage to automatically rise during the driving process. accident.
4. The power take-off cannot be in the "on" position when driving.
If it is in the "on" state (the red light is on), the oil pump will continue to rotate, and the hydraulic system will have a power source, which will cause the carriage to automatically lift due to misoperation on the air control valve; Even if the control distribution valve is in the "down" position, the oil will enter the oil pump, which will cause the oil pump to burn out.
The above is the small series of quality Dumper performance: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the operating procedures of the dump truck.