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  Powerchina  Wuhan  Heavy  Equipment  Co., Ltd. since 1985 to implement total quality management, in 1987 through the Ministry of Water Resources total quality management standards acceptance, the former Department of Energy in 1989 Total Quality Management Award. In January 1998 made the British AOQC Moody International Limited of our plant quality system certification (certificate number: 9710407). 2002 enterprises keeping pace with international standards, the successful completion of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system the version and certification, began to implement the new standards. 2008, companies taking full account of social responsibility, environmental protection and occupational safety Factors, through efforts by the GB Beijing Zhong'an Central Authentication Center / T19001 quality management system, GB / T24001 environmental management system and G / T28001 Occupational Health and Safety integrated management System certification.
  Enterprises have complete inspection, measurement, test equipment. Have included hydraulic universal testing machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, Vis, impact testing machine, all kinds of testing equipment, including 36 sets of ultrasonic flaw detector; various cursor class, classification hundred, a thousand more than 500 pieces of measuring tools classification ; electrical pressure measuring instruments class dozen. With an ultrasonic, coloring and other non-destructive testing capability and bending, impact, tensile, hardness and other mechanical properties of metallic materials testing capabilities and chemical analysis capabilities; having a large size and high-precision length measurement capability, laser theodolite and mold testing; having AC and DC electrical originals and equipment for current, voltage, waveform and other testing capabilities.
  Metrology and Inspection personnel have engaged in rigorous training and obtained qualification certificates, there are five quality engineers qualified to be registered, with non-destructive testing (MT, PT, UT, RT) qualification, qualification testing of mechanical properties, chemical analysis test qualification, laser measurement qualification, qualification verification, electrical, thermal instrumentation test qualification and welding, painting, machining and other quality inspection qualifications.
  Enterprise management system and improve and comply with the relevant national standards for personnel and equipment as well as test, measurement, test work carried out strict management and control. I plant inspection, measurement, testing the ability to fully meet product testing, measurement,Need testing.
  The current production of product quality and stability, the product a test pass rate remained stable at 96%, pre-qualified rate remains 100%. Products received by users, the market share of more than 50%, and brand-name products in Hubei Province, China Machinery Industry Quality brand and so on.